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Finding Freedom from My Demons: Nicholas Ducote’s Story, Part Two

“My parents were convinced that Gothardism held the solution to my issues. If religious options and doctrines were a grocery store, my parents plopped down on the Gothard Aisle and expected me to also enjoy their strict diet of Gothardism. Instead, the doctrines on spiritual warfare, the Umbrella of Authority, and Strongholds increased my anxieties – sending me into a state of hyper-vigilance at night as I waited for the demons.”

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Jim Logan, the Stephen King of Fundamentalism: Jeri Lofland’s Thoughts

“Did you know that demons can be sexually transmitted? That many Vietnam veterans’ problems are caused by demons picked up from prostitutes? That a person can be ‘demonized’ through listening to music, watching TV, or by playing Dungeons & Dragons? Welcome to the world of Dr. James Logan, ‘the demon whisperer’, ‘the Stephen King of ATI’, pastor, adviser to missionaries, and conservative fundamentalist exorcist.”

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