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My Parents Were Victims of Spiritual Abuse

“I know a bit of what my parents felt because I went through this myself when I took care of kids over in Asia. I had these trouble kids. So I asked myself how I could get them from point A of total depression, despair, and self-hatred to point B, of surviving in society without hurting themselves and other people. So I did what every other parent does. I cried what the heck do I do?”

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Raising Aria Rose: Christopher L. Stollar’s Thoughts

“Even before our daughter was born, people were telling us how to raise her. Some said we should home school. Others advocated for public school. Then there were those who railed against day care. And vaccines. And infant formula. To be fair, these people probably only wanted the best for our child, Aria Rose. But my wife and I started to see a dangerous pattern in this type of advice.”

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