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How I Lost My Faith, Part Five: De-conversion

“My life began to flash before my eyes like a cascade of images simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. Memories I had long blacked out began to resurface. I began to remember all the ways the Christians in my life had wronged me. I remembered rejection, isolation, and molestation. I looked within myself and saw a person void of confidence, petrified of social interaction, depressed, and suicidal. And I remembered all the ways I had wronged others.”

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How I Lost My Faith, Part Four: Doubt

“I saw myself in this kid. I saw the way I was treated as a child. I began to see many aspects in my manager that reminded me of my own mother. It was as if they were the same person. I began to see her arrogance, self righteousness, and the same mistrust of all things scientific. Every attitude, every world view seemed to be identical. And I realized that this is the attitude of most of the Christians that I knew.”

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Dear Rachel, On Your Wedding Day

“You are getting married today. I haven’t seen you since I left our homeschool community, but I have thought of you so often, wishing I could set you free. You were a child genius. At five you could play any hymn with harmony. At 11 you could play Chopin ballades and could accompany the orchestra. Then you accompanied the university choir. Your music made me cry. I always thought you would get into Juilliard.”

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The Problem with Virgin to Vixen: A Personal Story

“In ‘Pulling the Victoria’s Secret Dance,’ Libby Anne tackles the conservative Christian culture’s strange demands on women, that they go from being perfectly virginal, pure, and innocent to becoming their husband’s personal porn stars after saying ‘I do.’ I imbibed enough of Debi Pearl and other Christian writers (not to mention my mother’s advice to ‘not say no too often’) to get this idea in my head that while I could enjoy sex, it was for me primarily about performing for my husband.”

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Pulling the Victoria’s Secret Dance

“In fundamentalist and conservative evangelical circles, a woman is to keep her husband sexually satisfied. It’s part of her job description as wife. In fact, not a few leaders would go so far as to tell women that one way to cure a cheating husband is to put out more, and better, to become a porn star in the bedroom so that their husbands are no longer tempted to cheat.”

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