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Crosspost: My Advice on How to Cope with the Outside World Post-Fundamentalism

“It’s embarrassing to say that I wasn’t even familiar with what masturbation was until I was 18 years old. I’m sure that are more people out there who are dealing with this right now. Though I’m definitely not the shining example of fitting into society, here are a few things that I have learned, and maybe, I hope that it will be able to help others who are dealing with this same problem. Here are my biggest tips on trying to adjust.”

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A Few Leave, But Others Stay

“I don’t spend as much time in my old hangouts as Lana, so I don’t feel quite as much of the tension that she feels, but I’d like to echo what she says about not assuming that the thriving ex-conservative-homeschooler blogosphere means there’s some sort of mass exodus going on. Sure, there’s an exodus — but in my experience most stay.”

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Incorporating Thinkers: A Lesson in Debate Theory and Wolves

“If you acknowledge there are problems, and you actually care about fixing those problems, then by all means let’s work together! We can agree to disagree on many things — this is evident from the fact that the HA community consists of Millennials, Gen X’ers, Boomers, current homeschoolers, former homeschoolers, students, parents, conservatives, moderates, liberals, libertarians, Marxists, Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Protestants, Catholics, Universalists, and so forth.”

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