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Nightmare in Navy and White — Experiencing the Dark Side of ATI: Selena’s Story, Part Three

“At 16 years old, I left ATI. I was never my mother’s daughter again. They left the cult shortly thereafter, reluctant and angry that I had ruined their happiness again. I would never outlive the title of black sheep. I was able to tell my mother some of what happened before she passed away recently, but it will never truly be resolved.”

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The Umbrella Song and The Children’s Institute: Lana Hope’s Thoughts, Part One

“When I think over my years in ATI, I literally get exhausted. We studied character trait after character trait, and no one ever told me that God loved me even if I wasn’t attentive. No one ever told me they cared for me even if I was careless or got impatient. All I was told was that if I was impatient, then I should sing the patience song.”

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Finding Freedom from My Demons: Nicholas Ducote’s Story, Part Two

“My parents were convinced that Gothardism held the solution to my issues. If religious options and doctrines were a grocery store, my parents plopped down on the Gothard Aisle and expected me to also enjoy their strict diet of Gothardism. Instead, the doctrines on spiritual warfare, the Umbrella of Authority, and Strongholds increased my anxieties – sending me into a state of hyper-vigilance at night as I waited for the demons.”

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