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Memories from Bill Gothard’s Indianapolis Training Center: Latebloomer’s Story

“In my early 20s, I had my first experience living away from home. It was a Really Big Deal. Me — a weak, vulnerable, easily-decieved woman, according to the teachings of my family’s pastor Reb Bradley — out on my own, flying to a faraway state. I was going to spend a few months living and studying music at Bill Gothard’s Indianapolis Training Center.”

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Memories of EXCEL: Holly’s Story, Part One

“I did not want to go. That is the first thing I remember about EXCEL, The Advanced Training Institute (ATI)’s eight-week program for teenage girls and young women, which stood for Excellence in Character, Education, and Leadership. My parents had sent me to ATI’s Indianapolis Training Center for a ten-day counseling seminar a little over a year before I went to EXCEL.”

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The Political Reach of Bill Gothard: Jeri Lofland’s Thoughts

“With Bill Gothard’s ceaseless emphasis on authority, obedience, and chain-of-command, it should be no surprise that he is compulsively attracted to men (and more rarely, women) whom he perceives to be in a position of power. He believes without question that his organization has answers that can solve the problems faced by any public official, if they can only work together to promote Gothard’s vision. This characteristic has resulted in an extensive mycelial network whereby Gothard silently influences public policy across the country.”

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