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Sharing the Burden of the Pedestal: Renee’s Story

“Tour was not a panacea: it did not fix my self-injury problem. Nor did it eradicate my performance anxiety. What tour provided was an outlet for my energies, a chance to do what I loved in a way that mattered, to help people rather than just collect trophies, and a group of close friends who understood and could share the burden of the pedestal together with me.”

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The Lessons I Wasn’t Supposed to Learn: Andrew Roblyer’s Thoughts

“The NCFCA taught me that getting know a person’s heart and individual situation is of paramount importance to the development of relationship. I saw relationships ruined time and again because legalism got in the way of true listening and understanding. The integrity of the ‘assembly line’ often seemed more important than the individual students and parents involved.”

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