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Dear Rachel, On Your Wedding Day

“You are getting married today. I haven’t seen you since I left our homeschool community, but I have thought of you so often, wishing I could set you free. You were a child genius. At five you could play any hymn with harmony. At 11 you could play Chopin ballades and could accompany the orchestra. Then you accompanied the university choir. Your music made me cry. I always thought you would get into Juilliard.”

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Bill Gothard on Education: Jeri Lofland’s Thoughts

“My parents began homeschooling me in third grade, and enrolled in Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute, a curriculum exclusively for alumni of his Advanced Seminar, before I started seventh grade. Our family was part of ATI until I reached my mid-twenties. The following statements are the main points from a session of Bill Gothard’s Advanced Seminar.”

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