Need Help?

Homeschoolers Anonymous frequently get messages through Facebook, our contact form, comments on the blog, even the editorial team e-mail, asking for help in a variety of situations. Some situations that we are frequently asked for advice on include how to confront educational neglect in your family or a family you know, what to do if you suspect abuse is happening, or how to leave an abusive situation.

The volunteer staff at HA desire to be a resource to those who need advice for these and other homeschool-related situations. In order to help us respond to these requests most efficiently, we’ve created the following contact form specifically for these kinds of requests.

Because we receive these type of requests frequently, we ask that you first browse the extensive list of resource links on the website of our parent organization, Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out. If you do not find what you are looking for there, please use the contact form below to follow up with us.


  • If this is an emergency situation (if you or someone you know is in immediate danger, or is an immediate threat to themselves or others), please contact 911.
  • The Homeschoolers Anonymous staff is entirely volunteer. None of us are professional counselors, therapists, or lawyers. Any advice given should be treated as if it’s coming from a friend, not a trained professional.
  • In order to prevent volunteer burnout (sometimes referred to as “compassion fatigue”), this e-mail inbox is only checked twice a week max. Thus, it may be a few days to a week before you receive a reply.
  • While HA has some connections, we cannot vouch for any specific referrals made to organizations or professionals in your state.
  • The HA team values confidentiality and will not share any information you give us without a good reason. However, we are mandatory reporters, and if we have reason to believe there is child abuse occurring, or there is a threat of violence, we will notify CPS and/or law enforcement.