Wisdom Booklet #3 – ATI Curriculum

Click here to download a compressed PDF version of Wisdom Book #3.


  • Not sure whether to laugh or cry that people are subjected to this. Duggars need to go back and read the part about justice/fairness if they are really following this. Watch out for those winking women!!

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    More levels of Tech from the Bridge.

    All that’s missing are the Hubbard E-Meters.

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  • I’ve been wanting to read some of the literature used for homeschooling via ATI for ages, so thank you for posting this! I caught the bit about “An Evil Woman” more or less by accident and found it both an appalling excuse for education as well as an amusing juxtaposition when I remember the time I was playing an orchestra concert in high school (it was a different kind of orchestra where we played 99% of our gigs while dodging waitstaff at fancy dinners) at Regent University (home of CBN) and was winked at by a man of at least 75 years of age (who was laughing with his 2 similarly aged buddies). I believe this was the first time I was officially creeped out by a man.

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