Christian Homeschool Dads Lust After 17-Year-Old Girl, Get Her Kicked Out of Prom

Clare on the way to homeschool prom. Photo source:

Clare on the way to homeschool prom. Photo source:

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

A 17-year-old homeschool girl, wearing code-appropriate clothing to her homeschool prom, got slut-shamed and kicked out because some middle-aged homeschool dads couldn’t stop ogling her from a balcony.

Hännah Ettinger at Wine and Marble reports today that her sister Clare was recently attending the Richmond Homeschool Prom. The prom has a specific dress code, which you can view here (click image for full-size version):

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9


Clare was excited for this evening. She searched over 6 stores for the perfect dress, eventually finding it at Macy’s. She spent her own money on the dress — money she had been saving up from tip money from work. Not only was it “gorgeous, silver, and sparkly,” it was carefully vetted: “Like a good little homeschooler,” Clare writes, “I made sure that the dress was fingertip length on me; I even tried it on with my shoes, just to be sure.”

Unfortunately for Clare, the night of her much-anticipated homeschool prom didn’t go as planned. She didn’t expect — and understandably so! — that there would be “dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves.” These dads were ogling to the point that Clare and her friends felt “grossed out.”

As it turns out, these dads couldn’t be bothered to exercise self-control to keep their eyes and minds off of Clare’s 17-year-old homeschool body. They told one of the prom assistants that Clare’s “dancing was too provocative,” even though Clare hadn’t been dancing, and that she “was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.” The prom assistant then tried to make a different excuse, saying Clare’s outfit wasn’t up to dress code — even though Clare immediately proved it was. After being challenged, the prom assistant called security and refused to let Clare speak to a higher-up.

Security then kicked Clare and her friends out of their own prom, and all because — as Clare puts it — “I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives.”

Clare’s closing remarks are spot-on:

“Enough with the slut shaming. Please. Goddamn I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 year old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and a big ass for a teenager. And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem.”

Be sure to read Clare’s entire post at Wine and Marble here.

Also: visit Richmond Homeschool Prom’s Facebook page here. Tell them that, maybe next they should be more concerned about grown men creeping on underage homeschool girls than homeschool girls just trying to enjoy their hard-earned prom celebration.

UPDATE, 7:45 pm Pacific Time:

The Richmond Homeschool Prom’s Facebook page has deleted a bunch of comments from people protesting their treatment of Clare. Here are two pages of comments they deleted.

UPDATE, 8:45 pm Pacific Time:

The Richmond Homeschool Prom appears to have deleted their Facebook page entirely.

UPDATE, May 13, 1:25 pm Pacific Time:

Hännah Ettinger has posted an update on Clare on Wine and Marble. View it here.


  • This needs to be on the media channels.

    • Why is there no pic of her wearing the dress as everyone saw her? There is only that strange pic of her in her bare feet with her head chopped off. I have no doubt there are normal pics of her in the dress. The fact that she wont release any of them suggests that the chaperones were correct.

      • Wrong. There is more than just that one photo, there were like four, a few of which were taken in the car on the way to the dance. There were no photos at the event because she had only been there for 15 minutes when she was asked to leave.

      • Because even if she showed up in a bikini, the whole thing is arbitrary puritanical misogynist bullshit. Isn’t it funny (not really) how men are never at risk of needing to adhere to any modesty standards for formal events? It’s almost like there is a double standard at play here…

  • It is so sad that women are responsible for men’s thoughts and actions. I am not sure how anyone is supposed to learn to have agency over his/her/their body in an environment like this. What is this teaching the young men? What are the other young women watching this learning? Well, the young men are learning that attractive, womanly bodies are community property to be discussed openly, and the other young women are learning that shame is arbitrary and can rain down on you at any point. I know, because this is what my peers and I learned, and it has been terrible growing up with this mindset.

  • That’s horrible!

  • So, did they do anything to the ogling dads?

    • Of course not. It’s not their fault some supple young Jezebel paraded in front of them and made them think such filthy thoughts about all the terrible, immoral things she forced them to want to do to her. It’s all her lithe, glistening doing!

    • How embarrassing if that was your dad. Ew!

  • This ticks me off. One of my friends got married this weekend. Mom asked me if I wanted to go. I immediately said no because I did not want to be told I was dressing immodest, and I did not want to measure my dress to fit the ATI ideal. Stories like this make my point.

  • Destroy religion

  • Duke of Omnium

    How positively Christian of them!

  • Well, maybe next time she’ll just wear a burka.

  • This is sad and pathetic. Apparently the students don’t need chaperones, the fathers do. Clare, you deserve to be treated much better than these “men” treated you. Good for you for speaking up!

  • Such a shame. I hope the men who were gawking at what appeared to be jail bait in their eyes were asked to leave as they showed no self control or decency. They are young girls and should be treated respectfully. If you had an opinion you felt must be shared regarding her appearance, perhaps discuss it with her and her parents rather than bringing negative attention to a young lady. Inappropriate response,

    • The whole mindset of these people is that male lust is absolutely uncontrollable, so it falls to the woman to make sure she avoids rousing it. In any man other than her husband–if she fails to rouse his lust, while still quieting the lust of all other men, she has failed at one of her most important wifely duties.

  • Are we sure it was only about the dress and not also about who she went with?

    • That’s the same thing I was thinking.

      • I know someone later on has said that Virginia isn’t like that anymore,and I certainly don’t think most of the people in VA are bigots. However, the homeschooling/RWC crowd has a LONG way to go on racism. That’s why I think this girl had a problem.

  • FYI for the author: I just tried to add a note on Clare’s behalf to the Facebook page, and it looks like we scared them off. I think the page has been deleted.

    GO TEAM!!!

  • The link to their Facebook page is no longer working for me, and I cannot find it using the search function. Did they delete it?

  • So now we are catering to middle aged perverts. Shouldnt the security guard have kicked out the perverts that should have been on a sexual predator list?

  • Terry Crabtree

    “They told one of the prom assistants that Clare’s “dancing was too provocative,” even though Clare hadn’t been dancing, and that she “was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

    Sounds like sharia law to me.

  • Maddening. Sounds like the theme for the 15th Annual Richmond Homeschool Prom will be “Burkas in Arabia”.
    I’m wondering too if part of the issue was a blonde white girl showing up with her black boyfriend, sounds like this town is backwards enough to have an issue with that, too. :/

  • I feel like there’s more to the story than all of this. Everyone is quick to believe one side of the story without hearing any sort of opposing viewpoints. I’ve worked in politics long enough to know that no one will give you the full story, only their version of the story. And you can bet your ass that everyone gives their version that puts themselves in the best light.

    • Maybe that’s how YOU do it, and you therefore assume everyone else does, too. But you are wrong about that.

    • Oh, please. This isn’t exactly and isolated case. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to assume that the teen is lying.

    • Yes, the other side of the story is that it wasn’t about her dress at all, it was about the color of her date’s skin.

    • Considering how the prom assistant changed her argument, I do wonder whether the dads actually complained at all, or if it was just an excuse the woman was using to try and make the girl want to leave.

      • THIS. I’ll bet none of the dads said a thing. Either they were enjoying the view or you know, being dads. This “Mrs. D” character went Regina George on Clare. She is probably the same woman that was scrubbing the Facebook page, and I hope she is now explaining herself to the committee.

    • Except that Clare came out and told us that she flipped off the security guards and that some of her group shouted profanities at them as they left. So no, I don’t think she tried to paint herself in the best light.

  • I can’t even begin to describe how angry this makes me. This young woman did nothing wrong and these disgusting objectifiers and ooglers can go you-know-what themselves!

  • does this group of homeschoolers in Richmond have any other FB page bc i really would like to leave a piece of my mind about this… shame on these so called “Christian’s” for doing such a thing… its people like this that make Christian’s look pathetically hypocritical ….not saying all are, just saying it sure re-enforces most peoples stereotype of Christians today…

    • The stereotype is well earned. If it itsnt one thing, its another. I have had my fair share of Christians acting like theyre all that, and everyone who doesnt believe as they do is less than them. I was christian for a very long time, and you may not realize it, I understand the religion better than most christians, which is why I deconverted. People should stop using Jesus as an excuse for bad behavior, and for all they know, Jesus might not be a good person. Something most christians do not want to hear.

  • Just a few things here, though this ended up being a little longer than I thought it would. Keep in mind I wasn’t there and only heard about this on Facebook through mutual friends. First, in reference to the sentence, “Security then kicked Clare and her friends out of their own prom…” Just to clarify (and don’t take this the wrong way, because I’m fully on Clare’s side in this whole thing), she was the only one officially kicked out. Granted, that pretty much forced her group to leave as well because from what I understand, they all came together, so that left several people without a ride if Clare and her boyfriend left. But just clarifying here that they didn’t kick her whole group out; this whole thing is bad enough already, I don’t want it to sound worse than it already is. And as she mentioned in her blog post (which was very well-written and mature, I appreciate that), a member of security told her he didn’t think she did anything wrong, only that he had no say in it and had to do as he was told.

    Now here’s the most interesting point, to me at least. I didn’t see this mentioned in Clare’s post, because she’d already been kicked out and probably didn’t even know this happened until it was brought up later. I didn’t hear of this until several people said it on FB yesterday. They played the song, “Talk Dirty.” So they kicked out a girl at her senior prom for inappropriate/provocative/whatevertheywanttocallit dancing that would cause the males present to have inappropriate thoughts and lust after her, then later they play a song with the lyrics:

    “Sold out arenas, you can suck my pe**s, Gilbert Arenas, guns on deck, chest to chest, tongue on neck, international oral sex, every picture I take I pose a threat, bought a jet, what do you expect? Her pu**y so good I bought her a pet. Anyway, every day I’m trying to get to it, got her saved in my phone under ‘Big Booty.'”

    There were 13 year olds at this event, folks. If the people in charge were oh-so-worried about the all the angelic homeschoolers being corrupted and thinking impure thoughts, why the *stop cussing* would they allow that to be played? Now I’ve never heard that song and I had to look up the lyrics, but I would say it’s a very safe assumption that no guy is going to hear those lyrics and NOT think impure thoughts. Especially when in a prom atmosphere. That’s especially creepy when considering there would have been 18-19 year old boys in close proximity with 13-14 year old girls.

    Lastly, but certainly not to be overlooked, Clare’s boyfriend did state on Facebook that he has since spoken with the person running the prom and she apologized to him and said she should have handled it differently. I would hope that the apology was extended to Clare as well.

    • Jerry Gosh, Richmond Homeschool Prom Chaperone and Husband of the Prom Coordinator

      Tj as a chaperone at this event, I can tell you this song (Talk Dirty) was not on the play list and was not played. Fact is this song was on the do not play list for the DJ. The information you have received is incorrect. As for Clare’s accusations on why she was removed from the prom are not all true. She was observed by a female chaperone who reported it to one of the male chaperones who was in contact with those on the floor. Her actions are what got her removed from the prom when confronted.

      • ‘Actions’? What ‘actions’?

        Sure, people exaggerate. Happens all the time, but all we hear is that she was hounded that her dress was ‘too short’, and Clare describes herself as having a ‘big butt’, and long legs, and ‘looking like a woman’. Seeing her pictures, I could agree with some of that, most of that. I also see her date is ‘black’. I also heard that refunds were requested, and granted, and withheld.

        So, ‘actions’ just don’t cut it for me.

        The only ‘action’ I see is a group of ‘American Taliban’ object to a young woman dressed as requested on the invitation, and she is ejected, with no appeal, and apparently no reason other than her looks.

        ‘Actions’ speak louder than words, and those ‘actions’ are grotesque and not indicative of any ‘religious value’ other than possibly wanting to stone the poor girl…

        What are the ‘actions’?

      • Says one of the guys complaining.

        Just because some female “chaperone” gets a bee in her bonnet, jealous of young ladies, is hardly reason for someone to be ejected from an event without recourse or reason. And if her dress fit the criteria of the dance, then why was it remarked upon, not once, but at least twice?

        And how, exactly, is the way a young girl may, or may have not danced, responsible because other people think like pigs?

      • Her accusations were that the female chaperon told her the men felt uncomfortable and were worried that she would cause the other young men at the dance to have impure thoughts.
        Seems to me that this woman decided that for herself and used it as an excuse to expel Clare from the dance. Clare never said it was the men, she said the chaperon told her this. It grossed her out and understandably so.
        If her behaviour in the hall was what got her kicked out, then why the chaperons refuse to allow her friend to stand with her as a witness to what was happening? Why did Clare tell us that she wasn’t given a warning and was simply made to leave?
        I think your prom chaperons are lying to you. They kicked out a girl without preamble and are now trying to justify those actions by pretending Clare’s response to them was the problem. That doesn’t sound likely to me at all.

    • TJ, why are “That’s especially creepy when considering there would have been 18-19 year old boys in close proximity with 13-14 year old girls.” at a Christian prom? Is that how these things go? I can’t recall any situation like this at a regular prom.

      It is far worse, believe me, that only this young lady was asked to leave, and speaks highly of her friends that they chose to have left with them. These old windbags and pervs at this prom didn’t deserve a young lady of this caliber to grace their presence.

  • I feel sick having read this. I’m a high school teacher in the public school system who has chaperoned dances with male teachers. If any of my colleagues behaved this way, they would be fired. Adult men shouldn’t be leering at teenage girls. That’s just sick.

    • But they can say that ‘the devil made me do it’, and ask for forgiveness and just keep on doing it. That’s one of the weak parts of ‘religion’ that I find disgusting… Escaping accountability is just a prayer away…

    • Sick, yes., but seemingly all too typical these days, from teaching men, and teaching women. Just today, we have the 41 year old drama teacher bediing the 16 year old student, and then, with her less than stellar mothers permission, marrying her the instant she turns 17. I guess grooming ones’ victim is still in.

      Adult men do not leer, or leer at teenage girls. Animals do. And immature boy-men. Perverts. But rel, actual, died in the wool men do not do this.

    • Mel, regarding whether the men were “leering” at the young ladies, keep in mind they were (a) on the next floor up and (b) at least 50′ away from them. Now even if the men were leering at the ladies, how do you tell from 50′ away with the lights dimmed?

      Moreover, these are all married men who see a lot more than these girls were offering–we homeschoolers don’t fill minivans by watching TV late at night. I’m calling “nonsense” on the leering claim. Didn’t likely happen, and even if it did, the young lady could not have proven it.

    • Frank Ch. Eigler

      ” Adult men shouldn’t be leering at teenage girls. That’s just sick.”

      There appears to exist no evidence that this actually occurred.

  • Sorry guys, but this story is wildly misreported. The dads were not ogling. Tt was their job to chaperone and make sure people were being modest. You might still have a problem with that, but don’t claim they were “ogling”. This reaction of “Wow, those dads in the balcony thought I wasn’t following the prom’s standards of modesty, therefore they must be perverts who are attracted to me sexually” is incredibly immature and dishonest. This story claims “security then kicked Clare and her friends out of their own prom”, but her friends were not kicked out of prom nor is it “their own prom” to begin with. Perhaps she should not have been kicked out, but don’t lie about the details of the story.

    • Jason, how do you know that the dads were not ogling? Even if you were actually there, you would not necessarily notice how they were looking at the young women. Girls know when they are being ogled. If you’re not a girl, you might be unfamiliar with that. And it should *never* be the job of a male to enforce or check dress code on females. That is just creepy and I would go so far as to say that anyone defending this practice is creepy as well.

      • First of all, saying that men can not check dress code is sexist. If the girls are following dress code, there is nothing inappropriate about it. Men are, in fact, capable of not being perverts. Granted, I don’t know for sure the men were not ogling, but to assume that the men were ogling and condemn them as horny perverts with nothing to base it on other than the word of one upset teenager is morally wrong and despicable. This is especially bad because it is the headline of the article.

      • Jason, there is nothing sexist about stating that it is not appropriate for men to enforce a dress code on women. Most people recognize this concept and it goes both ways. For example, the TSA has a policy against officers patting down travelers of the opposite gender.

        I find it interesting that you’re irate that people believe Clare’s statement that she felt ogled. The alternative is to believe that she is lying. Apparently you don’t find it morally despicable to assume this young lady fabricated her story?

      • Sure, I’ll concede that they shouldn’t check the dress code on the girls. It doesn’t matter because the dads were reporting her behavior (not her dress), which is why they were chaperones, and the woman was the one who complained about the dress.

        “Apparently you don’t find it morally despicable to assume this young lady fabricated her story?”

        Again you miss the point of my comment. I am NOT saying Clare is lying, I am saying it is wrong to assume she is telling the truth at the cost of the reputation of the dads who were chaperoning. Asserting that they are perverts without reasonable proof is what is wrong here. In other words, the alternative is not to “believe that she is lying,” but instead is to not condemn the dads on the hearsay of only one girl (who happens to have something to gain by exaggerating). It’s bad journalism and is wrongfully damaging.

    • “Men are, in fact, capable of not being perverts.”

      Really!? Wow, I had no idea.

      Perhaps you should share your views with these chaperones, because your statement is in direct contrast with their demand for Clare to change her dress/behaviour because it was causing boys to think ‘impure thoughts’. It’s these comments from the chaperones themselves, who you are defending, that suggest men cannot control themselves around women. If you don’t think all men are perverts, it is really these chaperones who you should be angry at.

      By all means, channel your anger in a more appropriate direction.

      • Like I said, I have no idea if she should have been kicked out. However, stating that she was kicked out because the dads were ogling and lusting after her is bordering on slander and is a disgusting lie. The dads were doing their job as chaperones.

  • ! Please someone fight back against Christianity, Im sick of this religion ruining lives and families! Im tired of hearing NOT A TRUE CHRISTIAN. That fell on deaf ears years ago.

  • RL, I don’t see the dress code on the invite pic. Is there another image here that just didn’t show up for me?

    (Not that I don’t already have an idea of what it is)

    • It’s right under the “Please bring a 2-liter soda line.” (It’s pretty minimal, so easy to miss.) For men, “coat and tie.” And the only rule for women is “fingertip length or longer.”

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  • Looks like it was hosted by a Methodist Church to boot.
    It’s the dads who should have been asked to leave.

  • Jerry Gosh, Richmond Homeschool Prom Chaperone and Husband of the Prom Coordinator

    For each of you who has only read one side of the story from a teenager who none of these men knew and/or who have teenage daughters of their own. I feel each of you is casting judgments on the male chaperones that were there to keep an eye on the crowd for any and all inappropriate behavior. This teenager was not singled out by the male chaperones on the balcony she was pointed out by several of the chaperoning mothers who observed her doing some inappropriate things which were very questionable and not becoming of any young female. The account you all are reading about is based on this child’s perspective and not even taking in the consideration that her actions are what really got her expelled from the prom it was not the dress she was wearing or her supposed notion that the fathers chaperones posted along the balcony were intentionally placed there to ogle and lust over her or any other of the young females of the prom, which I highly doubt that these men even noticed her because they were doing an assigned job. To me this is a little self-centered that this child would think she is the highlight of all who have attended this prom. In my opinion she is a teenager who is very upset and has grasped at everything and anything she can too drag these men into a world of lust because she is upset with having to follow some moral standards. You must also ask yourself this question, why would she be the only teen these supposed fathers were lusting over and single her out over the 500 plus other attendees of this prom? The authority figures heading up the prom were notified of her actions and the first step was to give her a warning about her inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, it was her attitude towards those authority figures that got her removed from the Prom. If this event did not have the chaperones posted on the balcony to help observer the crowd and communicated with the chaperones on the dance floor a lot more inappropriate behavior would have gone on, it is very hard to observer over 500 plus attendees from just the ground level. This teenager also claims she knows that the male chaperones were up on the balcony discussing among themselves their lustful thoughts. I feel this is assumption on her part, she has no idea these men even had those thoughts or were even talking about her or others in this fashion and we all know that assumptions are not truth or fact. I do see where actions on both sides of this altercation could have been handled differently however, the harm has been done and it is time for the healing to begin for all. Her actions and wrongful judgments on the men of this event are no better and are very hurtful. See this is a problem among the very liberal minded people of this world, they are quick to judge and place blame where they have no first-hand knowledge of the facts and are quick to take sides base on a one sided statement of one person’s account of the event which is most likely fueled by embarrassment of her actions and her anger. This teenager and those jumping to conclusions are the ones who are giving this Christian group and other Christians a bad name and classifying them in a class with those so called sinful acts that are done among false proclaiming Christians. Please do not place true God fearing folks who believe Christianity is based on the love and truth of what Christ did for each and every one of this world. Not all folks who claim to be Christians are true Christians.

    • Her date was ‘of a different race’ than she is. How much of that played into this decision, and the punishment that sounds a lot like Sharia Law, then from a ‘christian’ group.

      Just asking…

      Sexism and racism are both better off left in the distant past. VERY distant past!

    • OMG! you are even putting the blame on what mothers were there. If you can’t own up to your actions, you definitely shouldn’t being doing them. And the whole entire world knows that the only reason for men to watch a prom from the balcony above is to try to see down the tops of dresses. Stop and think about the very bad attitude you showed your sons and daughters!!!!

    • “. I feel each of you is casting judgments ”

      Really? Can you possibly imagine? I suggest that you re-read what you have posted, and all of the judgements and assumptions contained in your remarks. “Very liber”, “so called sinful acts” “done by those false proclaiming Christians”. If they are false proclaimers, acting sinfully, why do you throw in the caveat “so called”?

      And suggesting a teenager at a prom is just a tad self centered? This is a position you wish to take? What teenager at a prom is not self centered? Thinking that all eyes are on them, for the good or the bad? Quick to judge indeed. I notice that you do not directly address her “lust inducing dancing”, in order to avoid the very specter of that which you deny. And based on a childs’ perspective, you say? You do understand that, being the victim, it is their perspective that counts, right? You see, as you say, this is the problem with the very conservative. They can only see things through the tunnel vision of their own beliefs. Women cause men to lust after them, because men have no self control, and cannot be expected to. People get bullied because of their own actions, and need classes in how to deal with bullies. Women get pregnant, alone, because they do not “keep their legs closed”. No one needs to rush to judgement, nor jump to conclusions here. Your type do all the work for everyone. It is obvious, repeatedly, the way such people think and act, and it takes these “liberals” to point it out, and to make it stop.

      And why did the “chaperone” bother her in the first place about her dress? And then do so again? That, my good fellow, belies her intentions, and then so, her actions. Things could have been handled better on both sides? Indeed. And who are the adults, then?

      Covering up for bad behavior, and the judging of others, is as sinful an act as doing those things.

    • Teenager, child….
      Why not put “baby” or “kid” in there as well since you are insisting that she is lying because of her non-adult status.

    • 1. It is never acceptable for a man to pass judgement on a woman for how she dances or how she dresses.
      2. It is never acceptable for a woman to pass judgement on another woman for how she dresses or how she dances.
      3. There is more than just the single article as evidence of what occurred. Many people who attended the prom commented on the fb page in defense of Clare before the page was deleted and agreed with her version of events. They also agreed that very inappropriate behavior happened later during the prom but no one was asked to leave because of that. Who do you really think people are more likely to believe: those who have laid their versions of the story out bare and left it there or those who where too afraid to admit mistake or further explain themselves that they deleted their entire page on facebook?
      4. You comment about people who are not ‘true Christians’ yet the only person I see being a bad christian is you. You should be ashamed of yourself! Your wife should also be ashamed of herself! If this is the kind of ‘Christians’ you are then I can assure you, you are doing it wrong. You fail to take away the most important messages of the bible: love, tolerance, acceptance and most of all not judging people on whether or not they are exactly like you (christian or non christian, same race, same way of dressing, same way of dancing). Remember Jesus was friends with prostitutes and tax collectors, he loved and tolerated those people. Your judgmental attitude to me means you really missed the point. You are what is wrong with Christianity. There is nothing wrong with being liberal and open minded. There is such a thing as a rational Christian. You clearly are not one of them.
      5. A 17 year old is not a child. She is a woman. Do not patronize people by calling them children when they are not.
      6. You do not quantify what her attitude towards the authority figures where that supposedly according to you got her kicked out. That leaves us only able to assume her ‘attitude’ was asking what she did wrong as she stated and therefore got kicked out for not being meek and apologetic.
      6. It is never a good idea to corner someone alone, especially a woman, even if the people cornering them is other women. Two women cornered a Woman by herself, did not allow friends to come with her, to berate her. That is what is know as threatening behavior.
      7. If you wanted her to wear different clothes then you should have had a more specific dress code.
      8. If you didn’t want ‘inappropriate’ behavior or anything that might cause ‘lustful thoughts’ then you should have asked each attendee to sign a code of conduct before they attended.
      9. A lot of what you have said sounds like it is coming from someone who is angry because they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have. It doesn’t come across as someone who is innocent of wrongdoing. So, you where on the balcony then? If so, then more than likely you were also guilty of lustful thoughts. You do realize that no one can control the thoughts of another person correct? If you did or anyone else male OR female at that prom lusted after or thought Clare’s dress to provocative then that is their problem, not hers. She shouldn’t have to dress to please other people, or save other people from themselves. The only person she should be dressing for is herself.
      10. You give very few details on ‘your perspective’ of the incident. Clare wrote a much better piece than you. She explained each thing in order and clearly. What you wrote just comes across as a lot of really angry opinions rather than an explanation of what happened. Maybe people might just be a tiny bit more trustful of your story if you didn’t come across as an angry ranter and actually explained in a calm way what happened. You accuse Clare of coming across as ranting like a child yet as a graduate of literature to me you are the one who comes across that way and Clare represents herself as an articulate, calm and well written Woman. Not at all the same as the picture you paint.

      Enjoy your internet fame while it lasts. If I where you, I would calm down, re-read all of the 4 gospels (because you need to, you didn’t understand them when you previously read them, clearly), maybe find yourself a Rob Bell video to watch so you can begin to understand the bible and then maybe when you have become a rational creature you can try again, actually tell your side of the story rather than ranting like a lunatic and then people might listen.

      Such a shame this all took place in a Methodist church. Thomas Wesley would be rolling in his grave! What a shame. I know those who attend my Methodist church will find the actions that happened at this church despicable. I hope you are another denomination of Christian, I sure hope you are not Methodist, if so then you are even further off the mark in terms of Christianity. Maybe you would fit in better at Westboro.

    • First of all, Jerry, I want to thank you for your willingness to wade into the proverbial lion’s den and comment on this post. I wasn’t there and can’t attest to who’s telling the truth, but I’d like to share a few observations if I may.

      Several times in your comment you referred to Clare as a child. Clare is 17, which means on her next birthday she will legally be considered an adult. Aren’t you making a harsh judgment by describing Clare as a child?

      You said that Clare was “doing some inappropriate things which were very questionable and not becoming of any young female.” Again I wasn’t there, but by what standard was her behavior considered inappropriate and unbecoming of a young woman? I’m aware that in some authoritarian Christian structures the definition of inappropriate behavior varies considerably from the standard of other conservative evangelicals. I’m also aware that in some of those circles young men are held to a more lenient standard than young women.

      You conclude by saying “Not all folks who claim to be Christians are true Christians.” On that I agree; I’ve seen too many instances in which authoritarian churches and ministries profess a behavior-oriented structure which amounts to a form of works salvation. The standards proclaimed in Scripture are tough enough as it is; why should we add to them?

    • First of all, I trust that you realize there is, in fact, a difference between a child and a teenager. Your post reads as though written in great haste, and I would like to assume that is the reason for your inconsistent and incorrect interchange of the two terms.

      Regardless of by which term you refer to Clare, you take a rather condescending tone toward her. It is fascinating to note how many are swift to treat teenagers as adults when they agree with them, and as children when they disagree. I wonder as to how that reflects on you, and other adults.

      I likewise hope that you are not meaning to imply that Clare, and any other people who are listening to her, is not a Christian. I believe that is something that is only between the individual and their God.

      I do agree that hearing both sides of a story is a good thing. Perhaps you would be willing to actually share your side, rather than merely condemning her side? I notice a lot of “this didn’t happen” from you, and very little “this did happen.” I would be very interested to hear your account of the night, as the events unfolded.

      In addition, I have one further question. You repeatedly mentioned that there were “500 plus attendees.” That sounds like an excellent turn out. I am surprised, however, that out of over 500 teenagers, only one person was noticed as having problems with her dress, and supposedly with her dancing. I’m sure you can understand why this may seem slightly unbelievable. Or, is it true that Clare is the only one who was guilty of performing acts which, according to you, are unbecoming of any young female, and thus why you had no choice but to remove her from your prom, before anyone else was caused to think impure thoughts? Although, I also wish to know how anyone knew that impure thoughts were occurring, unless they actually were.

    • The best way to “let the healing begin” is to follow through with the actual promises of refunds. It’s so easy for you to say “let’s let bygones be bygones” because you didn’t have your prom ruined by someone’s arbitrary standards.

      If you don’t want to be painted as misogynist, women-controlling fundamentalists, well you could stop doing misogynist, women-controlling actions? Just a thought?

      I also find it ironic the parallels between police justifying their violence and/or murder when 8 against 1 by trying to claim “belligerence” on behalf of the powerless person they are lording their authority over. It becomes just as much of a “he said, she said” as the claims of ogling. You claim she broke some unlisted arbitrary rules, she (and her friends) say they didn’t, but then when the altercation began, the fact she didn’t just smile and eat it means she deserves to be ejected. Despicable and fascist, but again, as a native Richmonder who went to a private religious school, to be expected.

  • was I not supposed to do that? Really, I had no idea.

  • The exact, same thing happened to my sister at her homeschool’s homecoming dance last fall! She was nearly in tears as the woman blocked the entrance to the dance(after she paid the fee), because her outfit was “too revealing”… It followed the dress code exactly, and she was even wearing a wrap that my mother made for her! She was only allowed in after she pointed out that several of the other girls in the dance had been allowed to wear strapless, spaghetti-strap, low-cut, or otherwise “unapproved” dresses, and yet she was the only one singled out.

    My sister said that the whole time during the dance, she felt like the adults were staring at her. Completely ruined her evening.

    • No doubt in my mind. But I am sure, somehow, some way, the two of you are entirely mistaken, and the fault is entirely your sisters. Always seems to work this way, with bullies.

      • Well the answer is obvious in our case; it’s our mother’s fault, since we get our hips and bust size from her! !

  • Attention “dads” who were responsible for this, the internet is going to publicly shame you, get ready to forever be known as “that creepy dad”

  • next year the fathers in attendance and should be required to remain 1,000+ feet from the dance floor and not possess any firearms or ammunition.

  • American Taliban strikes again! Pretty amazed they allowed her to get an education to begin with…

  • Jerry Gosh, Richmond Homeschool Prom Chaperone and Husband of the Prom Coordinator

    So I see how it is you only want to see one sided information and if a wrongfully accused father postes truth it is not allowed to be shown but deleted. far enough. howevwer this teeenager is not telling the full truth. All I ask is for you to look at all the facts and not just one side. even a court of law hears both sides.

    • Of course, the teen is lying. We would expect nothing different of you.

      And there is no conspiracy to silence you. That is a conservative tactic. Liberals are always interested in reading what you have to say, if only for the train wreck that it is certain to be.

      This is not a court of law. You cannot hide behind evidentiary rules. And there is more than one court of law. One requires evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the other requires a preponderance of the evidence. She’s not telling the full truth? Exactly how much truth then? A quarter, a third,or a fifth? How much truth does it take?

    • Oh boy… what exactly was she doing that was so innappropriate at the prom? You’re saying it had nothing to do with the dress, but you won’t give specifics. Out with it already!

      • Exactly. sheesh. What awful thing did she do if it is not for her “revealing clothing”? And goodness, stop calling her a child already, she’s almost 18!

  • As a 49 year old father with homeschooled kids who is a Christian I find the way this was handled to be reprehensible and the behavior of these “men” to be juvenile and perverse. My 15 year old son has more respect for women then these people showed. Hopefully there is a real man somewhere in that group who can school those guys about what it means to sin against the wife of their youth .

    Jim K.

  • The inconsistencies in how this young woman was treated are astounding and completely illogical, making me wonder if there was an underlying issue. Her dress certainly appears chaste enough to me, and I am a protective dad of a lovely daughter. I am not one to play the race card, but I wonder if these southern dads’ actual problem was interracial dating, and they were “punishing her” and had to make up an excuse.

  • Pingback: An update on Clare | Wine & Marble

  • Anyone commented on the race of her date? How much did that figure into this ejection?

    Sometimes things aren’t all that they seem…

    This could be more of a case of racism than perversion. Well, as if there is a difference. Both turn my stomach…

    Did the bible say ‘Blessed are the meek, for they will be slut shamed and ejected’?

    • Or judge me not, but let me judge you?

      If they were having a cotillion, they should have said so. Or a debutantes ball, even. But then, I hear that the dancing at those things gets pretty “racy” today, also.

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  • Clare has unfortunately misrepresented this situation. I can say this truthfully because I was there and witnessed it. Clare was attending a prom at a church, not a night club. I could care less what she’s wearing, but what she forgot about was when you lift your arms and sway to the music or when you hug a friend and your dress comes up to the point of where you can almost see the underwear……there’s a problem and the adults had no choice but to do something. Clare was NOT the only teenager asked to leave because of this type of situation. A girl in a black dress was also asked to leave, I was on the dance floor and saw it. I know Clare and I like Clare, but she made a poor decision wearing that dress to a formal prom that included kids 13 years old to high school seniors, Christian or not. The dads and moms on the balcony were watching over everything for the safety of everyone there. YES, there were moms on the balcony with the dads. Her portrayal doesn’t make sense. I never felt as if anyone was staring or oggling at anyone dancing. I appreciated that the parents were willing to be there that evening to watch over everyone and provide a safe atmosphere for all. Moms and dads were also chapperoning on the floor. This was a homeschool prom, so of course the parents/teachers are the ones responsible for putting the prom on and keeping everyone safe. She has slandered the fathers and that is totally wrong and really immature. I’m sure she wasn’t happy about being told her dress was too short… and if anyone did tell her that she was being asked to leave because it could cause the boys to have impure thoughts, then that person was an idiot too. I watched as Clare left and was amazed by the disrespect she showed everyone. Why is it that out of hundreds of kids that attended the prom only two had their dresses questioned? The rest of us girls seemed to be aware that a dress gets shorter when your arms go up. There were plenty of multi racial couples, so no racism that I saw. It wasn’t just two girls that were called out…there were a couple of guys given warnings to straighten up their behavior too. The moms and dads worked really hard to give the kids a prom that they could go to and have fun. A “tale” like Clare is telling is hurting everyone because she’s not telling the whole story. I can’t believe all of the comments from people WHO WEREN’T THERE who seem to automatically believe the story is accurate and continue the slander. This is just wrong.

    • “I could care less what she’s wearing…”

      For someone who could care less, you sure have a lot to say about it.

      You also missed the part where her dress met the dress code. If the dress code was in error, blame the dress code. Don’t blame Clare.

      • 1. I have a lot to say because I see someone I know making claims that aren’t accurate and are actually slanderous. This could really get out of control and come back to haunt her in a bad way and I really don’t want to see that happen. I’d love to see the story set straight ASAP before Clare and her sister end up being sued for slander. Hmmm, you might think about that too due to your one sided reporting and slanderous headline.
        2. Take a good look at the photo of the dress…her arm is clearly bent. Did the dress actually meet the code? The arm should be straight when measuring fingertip length.

      • @ Ronda: How could Clare and her sister be liable for any supposed slander that is uttered by people on a completely different website? I think your reply to this entire situation has been scare-mongering.

      • @Tambra, we are all responsible for for any allegations we make against other people…especially when they are put in the public domain and unproven. Hence, the word SLANDER. Look it up. No scare-mongering, just reality.

      • I don’t need to look up the definition. I know it. There is absolutely NO WAY a third party comment could cause these two girls to be named in a slander suit. You are fear-mongering and doing a bad job of it.

        As for the picture, no, she did not have any part of her body bent to make the dress appear in compliance. She was standing normally.

        This whole thing is ridiculous and anyone who condones what happened is complicit in the ridiculousness.

      • Also…@Tambra, labeling and accusing the fathers of being perverts, which she did in her article…is slanderous. The story has become sensationalized because of this…and now it’s going to be on the evening news. This is what brings a slander lawsuit. Headlines like the one in this article, which label the fathers as perverted dads lusting after a teen…bring slander lawsuits. You can’t go around accusing people of things in the public domain without proof…and there are so many witnesses that saw what really happened. This is not going to go well for her and that saddens me. 😦

      • Again, I ask you how the two teens could be held responsible for other person’s comments, which was your original assertion.

    • Sweetheart, give your head a shake. Here’s the point because you have clearly missed it: women cannot be held accountable for what goes on inside the brains of men. Men are responsible for their own thoughts. To suggest that the way a woman dresses causes men to sin is an absolutely atrocious, archaic sentiment, and is a complete insult to every man who has any ounce of self-control.

      And anyways, we have all seen a photo of the dress by now. There’s nothing wrong or offensive with it. I don’t blame her for being angry.

      • Ashley, did you NOT see where I wrote “if anyone did tell her that she was being asked to leave because it could cause the boys to have impure thoughts, then that person was an idiot too” You seem to have missed the point and misread my comment.

        We both agree that men are responsible for their own thoughts and their brains. She most certainly is not responsible for that. Ask yourself how she was able to read the minds of all of the dads and tell us what they were thinking and talking about on that balcony? Ask yourself why she is leaving out so many important facts…some of which I pointed out? She was angry and embarrassed and is trying to put the focus on someone other than herself.

        Take another look at the photo, as I did. She shows her fingertips at the end of the dress, but her arm is clearly bent. So was the dress to code?

      • Let me re-phrase so I am more clear here…her arm and her body are not straight in the photo that she posted…shoulders appear to be rolled back a little and arm slightly bent…is this to to prove her point. I would like to know if the dress really was to code, but I can’t tell by looking at that photo any more than you can because she’s not standing straight and that can make a difference in the finger length. Was the dress in that position when the parents/teachers took issue with it? I know when I saw her it wasn’t pulled down like that, it was a bit higher. Maybe she didn’t realize that the dress would rise up so easily.

      • So we are battling over a dress? The position of her arm? The position of her shoulder?

        I’m amazed the lengths people will go to in a effort to defend their hypocrisy and ‘religion’… Is it possible that they were ‘set up’? Yes, but from the looks of things, they so richly deserved it!

    • My good lady, do you actually think critically about the things you assert, before typing?

      Do you not think that the mistake was made by those who created the rules of dress? A prom, madam, does not need to be a prom at a “nightclub”. And, in fact, very few of them are, relatively speaking. If someone dances with their hands above their head, and *gasp*. the hint of their underwear is revealed, then that is on those who held the event, and should have been foreseen. GOWNS are not fingertip length, first of all, dresses are. Don’t you think that the standard of dress length should have been a tad longer?

      Of course the kid was upset. She earned her money for her dress, paid for her ticket, and complained with the dress codes. You expected that all young people would act maturely under these circumstances? Then someone was naive.

      • Why are you so condescending in your reply to me? I’m just trying to put some of the facts on the table.

        So let me get this straight, you’re saying that a 17 year old girl possibly showing her underwear is the fault of the event organizers? Really? If she’s old enough to drive and work, and almost old enough to vote, then yes I would expect her to be a little more mature than that.

    • “The dads and moms on the balcony were watching over everything for the safety of everyone there”

      Because a 17 year old girl wearing fingertip dress poses a threat to members of your community. The girl wasn’t the problem. That dress isn’t immodest. Your adults are the problem. Ohhh and your silly superstition that you call a religion.

      • Were you there? If your answer is no that you weren’t there, you should really stop making judgements based on other people’s misrepresentations. Karma…you know.

    • Ronda: since this is currently appearing only in print, as it stands right now, the word you’re looking for is “libel,” not “slander.” And merely making an accusation does not count as either.

      Even were it to count, given that no one is named, it’s unlikely that an attempted suit would go anywhere.

    • @Ronda: Can you still look up and see the light from the bottom of that hole you’re digging for yourself right now? You’re sounding more and more delusional with every post!

      She was kicked out because horny old men couldn’t control their thoughts. I’m not sure why it matters though… these are the same men who will go home and stare at the internet porn that they’re addict to. Clare’s dress might as well have been a burqua compared to the stuff they look at on their laptops.

    • As someone who has a bigger butt than most making it hard to find cloths and such. I have to say it is hard to find dresses that will not ride up like that…ever. So saying she should have known seems harsh. It was in compliance so she should not have been confronted.

      • Is it really that hard to understand that when a dress is supposed to be fingertip length…fingertip is the shortest that it should be? If a dress is going to rise up when you move or dance maybe you should take that into account and give yourself a little wiggle room? Seems like common sense. She agreed to that dress code when she purchased the tickets did she not? A dress code is in effect for the entire event, the entire night…as is a code of behavior.

    • Ronda, you’ve gone on and on for someone who doesn’t care what she was wearing. You also mentioned that in the photo, her shoulders were rolled back a bit, so you can’t really tell if it met dress code.

      If her shoulders were rolled back, it only juts her bust out more, which proves that the dress meets code. I can say that as a 5’10” busty girl with a JLo butt who always wanted to wear dresses like that. Shoulders back = dress rises more. Walk, dress rises and falls.

      That dress went past her middle finger by a few centimeters, well enough within the rules for the dress code. As small as her butt is (compared to mine!) she definitely would not have gotten much rise out of it even if her arms were raised all the way up and she were leading a cheer competition.

      I was raised in this culture. I am a GRITS. I was homeschooled half of my schooling career and was forced to fit the modesty guidelines for 7 years longer than I was schooled because I was forced to live at home until I married. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter if it is for a prom or not, someone will complain about what you are wearing, even if it meets dress code. There will be class favorites who will skirt the code and get in without issues and no one will care except for those who are constantly singled out.

      Also, it is pretty dang obvious when men are talking, tilting their head your direction, darting glances and pointing that you’re the point of conversation. It may be that is what Clare saw and why she mentioned it. You weren’t in her party, so.. you probably didn’t see it. That’s OK. Doesn’t mean you’re blind or stupid. It just means that wasn’t something on your radar and you didn’t see it.

      It’s also been mentioned that a mom told a dad who told Mrs D… which makes this a whole line of telephone. You know how that goes “Hey Clare was swaying to the music and I’m not sure that dress meets code..” to ” She was dancing provocatively and that dress is immodest..” and “Clare, so sorry hun, you have to leave. You were grinding and someone saw your underpants.. that is unacceptable behavior!”

      With the click-bait news we now have in the US, it is no wonder that many of the news articles focused on so little of what Clare actually wrote and so many people are rushing to defend the fathers who have been falsely accused. What people aren’t mentioning is that it was a woman (Mrs D) who singled Clare out and behaved unjustly and did not let Clare or her friends speak up and treated them like insolent toddlers, rather than teenagers who are almost at the age of majority.

      It would be best if people actually read what Clare wrote and understand what she said, rather than prove how poor their reading comprehension skills are.

      It would also be a good idea if people worked out that slander and libel are two different things.

      • Is it really that hard to understand that when a dress is supposed to be fingertip length…fingertip is the shortest that it should be? If a dress is going to rise up when you move or dance maybe you should take that into account and give yourself a little wiggle room? Seems like common sense. She agreed to that dress code when she purchased the tickets did she not? A dress code is in effect for the entire event, the entire night…as is a code of behavior.

    • I seriously doubt that a prom with several hundred people was held in a church. In any case, you can’t impose your ultra-conservative church standards on such a event. Maybe if you don’t want people to do what normal people do, then don’t have a prom at all.

    • Your entire point justifying the ejection of her (and this supposed other) is wrapped fully in misogyny. There is nothing about a woman’s body, any part, not the butt, not the breasts, nor legs, nor stomach, that is somehow inappropriate for a 13 year old. These same teenagers have seen all that and more on a daily basis, from pool/beach settings to advertisements, music videos, commercials and magazines.

      It’s an entirely arbitrary standard setup to control women. Would the prom really have devolved into an orgy of debauchery if the puritanical authorities had let these two young women stay at the prom?

  • It is worth noting here that you have only one side of the story. Have we forgotten Proverbs 18:17, which clearly states that the first to state his case sounds pretty compelling…..until his opponent stands up to speak?

    Moreover, have we forgotten Matthew 18:15-19, which clearly states how disputes between believers ought to be handled? What, then, is a group of believers doing who go first to the public sphere instead of contacting the dance sponsors, including the church where the dance was held?

    • Clare tried to talk privately to the people making the decision. They refused to listen. She had five witnesses with her who tried to appeal to the authorities. They wouldn’t listen. If we’re going to handle the Matthew 18 route, the next step is to take the matter to a wider audience. Which she did.

      Also, we have photographic evidence of the fact that the dress met with the standards for the prom. The only way the ‘other side of the story’ would have merit would be if they could prove that she wasn’t asked to leave the prom. The facebook group wouldn’t have to be deleted if they could have honestly said that, and Clare has five witnesses that state that she was, indeed, asked to leave the prom.

      • Tara, my take here is that she tried to discuss the matter when she was being escorted out of the building and was, quite frankly, making a scene as she was at least flipping the bird at the adults running the dance, apparently one where at least 8 other people were asked to leave.

        Matthew 18:15 seems to indicate that you discuss things once passions have cooled and the participants are available to have the discussion, no? So no, she hasn’t abided by Matthew 18 here by any stretch of the imagination.

        Plus, look at her behavior; she characterizes herself as “hot”, drawing attention to her “a**”, apparently had a dress exactly at the allowed length (and every movement will lift it), flipped the bird at adults there, slanders the men by accusing them of leering (how do you determine this when they’re 50-100 feet away?), makes her case in public with a lot of profanity instead of talking the matter over with her Dad and then with the sponsors…..OK, who needs to make the apology here? In my view, it’s not anybody sponsoring or working at the event.

        Rather, it’s a kid who came in there determined to stretch boundaries and then threw a fit because adults called her on it. If you pulled that at my public high school, you’re talking about a suspension, no dances for a year, or even expulsion.

    • Wow. Really? Just stop it.

    • It’s worth noting that you do not appear to be interested in the full story, yourself, given that she did first try resolving the issue with the dance sponsors.

      • Only as she was being walked out. Sorry. As I noted above, I think a proper understanding of Matthew 18 requires time to cool down before discussing things.

        Yes, her evening was ruined. Maybe she should have thought about what she already knew about being visually distracting, and how dresses work on a woman with hips. I’m guessing her mother might have been able to tell her something about that if she’d been willing to listen.

  • I almost thought this was headline from the Onion. All I can do is sigh , so sad.

  • I’d venture to guess the REAL reason for the boot wasn’t the dress. She showed up with a black boyfriend … this was all camouflage for a racial issue. It is Virginia, ya know.

    • As a native Virginian who once dated somebody of mixed race, I respectfully urge you to stop judging today’s Virginia by the standards of a bygone era. Perhaps it’s worth noting that Virginia was the first state, North or South, to elect a black governor since Reconstruction, and that election took place 25 years ago this coming November.

      Besides, Clare’s sister Hannah posted in her update that the boyfriend’s race apparently played no part in the incident.

  • Is it any wonder misogynism is perpetrated and woven into the fabric of every day culture when you even have other women arguing that it is the display of a woman’s ‘robust sexuality’ which is what is getting her into trouble, when in fact it’s society’s loaded interpretation of what a woman’s body stands for- sex, 24/7 gotcha …..disposable, cheap, accessible and always for the taking.

  • Jimmy Carter “lusted in his heart”. If this is an issue you perverts recuse yourself from being a “chaperone”. You guys are dis

  • Reject the lies Clare and join us. Become an atheist. You see we do not believe in invisible old men that live in the skies and grant you wishes upon your knees and begging. Nope. We own our emotions and are intellectually honest. What happened to you at the homeschool prom would never happen among our ranks.

  • ChristianTaliban. Next genereration will be wearing burkas.

  • These slime bags are running and hiding. Because they know what scum they are. They hid themselves deleted their Facebook and twitter accounts. They are cowards on top of encouraging the idea that their pedophilia urges were the children’s fault. If anyone deserved to be tarred and feathered its these guys..

    • Rather harsh words for someone who probably wasn’t there.

      • I wasn’t at the scene of a lot of crimes, genocides or atrocities (not that this is one per se, that devalues the past) that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion about the perpetrators.

  • I love how the article focuses on it being Christian home schoolers. This article is so obviously biased against Christians and home schoolers that I don’t trust it for a minute. Otherwise the author wouldn’t keep referring to everyone as “Christian home schoolers” in every single sentence. It’s a high school prom chaperoned by parents just like any other prom. It’s only telling one side of the story, and as a home schooling parent, I promise you this isn’t the only dance she has attended with these dads as chaperones. There is more to this than what the article is showing.

    • This article is so obviously biased against Christians and home schoolers that I don’t trust it for a minute. Otherwise the author wouldn’t keep referring to everyone as “Christian home schoolers” in every single sentence.

      Yeahhh… that phrase was used once. In the title. It’s never good to be so obviously biased yourself you forget to read and count.

  • Maria Talamantez

    Here’s a thought…..kick the dads out of the prom. I’m pretty sure this young lady wasn’t the only beautiful girl there.

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