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The Myth of Teenage Rebellion?

“I was constantly reminded that the increasing teen rebellion in America and elsewhere was the direct result of parents abandoning these ‘Biblical’ child training principles. Imagine my surprise to discover that there are entire cultures of people who use exactly the opposite of ‘Biblical’ parenting, yet produce teenagers who are cooperative and contributing members of society.”

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Not All Homeschoolers Are Religious (But Many Are)

“When I and other bloggers talk about some of the problems in the conservative Christian homeschooling subculture, we are informed by secular homeschool parents that not all homeschoolers are religious, and in fact that religious homeschoolers are just a minority today and not really a problem to be worried about. Well yes, we know that not all homeschoolers are religious. However, it’s a simple fact that many—perhaps even the majority—are.”

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Something Is Wrong With Me: Jane’s Story

“When I read Debi’s story, I thought I was given a great secret into the mind of a man. Between this story and also sneak reading ‘For Women Only’ by Shaunti Feldhahn, I formed the idea that men were sex robots that could be completely turned on and ready to hammer me from just glancing at my butt in tight jeans. Despite rejecting many of the teachings of my fundamental upbringing, I didn’t realize these views on men’s sexuality were so wrong.”

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