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How My Mother Homeschooled Me (Without Screwing Up My Life): Adria Murphy’s Story

“I want to lend my voice in support of those who have experienced abuse and hardship from the homeschool community, but the thing I do best with my voice is to tell my own honest story. So that’s what I’m doing. If you are a homeschool parent or considering homeschooling, let me share a beautiful example of wisdom and responsibility with you.”

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Nightmare in Navy and White — Experiencing the Dark Side of ATI: Selena’s Story, Part Three

“At 16 years old, I left ATI. I was never my mother’s daughter again. They left the cult shortly thereafter, reluctant and angry that I had ruined their happiness again. I would never outlive the title of black sheep. I was able to tell my mother some of what happened before she passed away recently, but it will never truly be resolved.”

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The Umbrella Song and The Children’s Institute: Lana Hope’s Thoughts, Part One

“When I think over my years in ATI, I literally get exhausted. We studied character trait after character trait, and no one ever told me that God loved me even if I wasn’t attentive. No one ever told me they cared for me even if I was careless or got impatient. All I was told was that if I was impatient, then I should sing the patience song.”

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