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Peter Bradrick, Former Executive Assistant to Doug Phillips, Speaks Out on Being “Formally Disowned” and “Declared to be a Destroyer”

Peter Bradrick and Doug Phillips.

“For those of you who aren’t entirely up to speed, Peter Bradrick is a Vision Forum intern turned executive assistant to Doug Phillips… He was involved in their “Hazardous Journeys” trips, and was pretty much BFFs with Doug. He’s married to the daughter of Scott Brown (not the politician, the one who’s head of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches, an organization that Doug was on the board of until his scandal broke). Anyway, everybody close to Doug and Vision Forum—Peter included—have been tight-lipped about Doug’s affair and the closing of Vision Forum Ministries. Tight-lipped until now, that is.”

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This Road I’ve Traveled

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.47.01 PM

“I could never do this. I could never put the fake smile on and pretend that I hadn’t watched my dad throw the breakfast dishes in the sink that morning because someone dared to speak back to him. I couldn’t stand by and watch my siblings suffer while no one knew what happened behind the doors of my family’s home.”

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To My Baby Brother: The Things You’ll Never Know, by Jessica


“I know we don’t have the best relationship. I know you think I’m ungrateful for the things my parents gave us. I know you think I ran away that day when I was 18. I remember the day you told me I abandoned you. I know you weren’t as mistreated and I am glad for that, because I’m your big sister. I love you. I can prove I love you in the things you’ll never know.”

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German Churches Up in Arms over Abuse Study

German Bible. Photo by J. Stahl.

“There is a serious problem when familial violence becomes an accepted piece of one’s culture and religious upbringing — when we normalize it to the extent that no one is shocked at all. Issues brought forward by the Twelve Tribes in Germany are not at all shocking in many parts of the United States because such methods have become so normalized. So many people believe it is the right thing to do. Anything contrary is ‘unbiblical.'”

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My Parents Were Victims of Spiritual Abuse

“I know a bit of what my parents felt because I went through this myself when I took care of kids over in Asia. I had these trouble kids. So I asked myself how I could get them from point A of total depression, despair, and self-hatred to point B, of surviving in society without hurting themselves and other people. So I did what every other parent does. I cried what the heck do I do?”

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About Those “Model Homeschoolers”…

“The reason most parents do the authoritarian parenting thing in the first place is because they believe it will result in model children and successful adults. They see children from these other homeschooling families that seem ‘perfectly well-behaved’ and who do ‘first time obedience’ and many understandably want that sort of awesomeness for themselves. What they do not understand is that this ‘model homeschooler’ or ‘model child’ image often comes at a steep price.”

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Somebody Tell Me What to Do!


“I’m not used to making decisions like this. My future was all planned out. After finishing homeschooling, I was going to go to college. Then in college, I got married and was going to quit school if I got pregnant (I ended up quitting earlier), and then I was going to be a stay at home mom, and have ‘as many children as God gives us’ (no decision necessary).”

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